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My personality is up and down, sassy and cheeky.
All black women aren’t sassy, loud, difficult, or subservient. We are, in fact, very complex and very diverse, living very complex and diverse lives. That point cannot be made enough.
Just because I’m sassy and have a mouth on me doesn’t mean I’m coming from a negative place.
I think that I come off as, ‘Nothing bothers me, I don’t care! I’m funny and sassy.’ But I’m deeply sensitive. Not only about myself but to others. Not to pat myself on the back, empathy is a quality I’ve cultivated over my life. It came naturally to me as a child.
My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky.
I think of myself as kind of a hippy. Everyone around me says that’s not the impression they get. They think I’m sassy. Apparently, I think I’m nicer than I really am.
I’m a strong person. I’m also very sassy and a little bit angsty sometimes.
After ‘Arrested Development,’ I didn’t know for sure if I wanted to be an actor. I was hitting this wall, where I was the ‘ethnic best friend’ or the ‘sassy teenager.’ It felt like the same note, and I didn’t feel like I was growing.
I fall into that nebulous, quote-unquote, normal American woman size that legions of fashion stylists detest. For the record, I’m a size 8 – this week, anyway. Many stylists hate that size because I think to them, it shows that I lack the discipline to be an ascetic; or the confident, sassy abandon to be a total fatty hedonist.

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